SuccessFactors Snap Pack

SAP SuccessFactors is an industry-leading cloud human capital management (HCM) suite which uses the latest technologies to help you win the war for top talent, connect people to purpose, and drive results across your business.

Use the above snaps in this Snap Pack to achieve the following:

  • Create new entities in SuccessFactors

  • Update existing entities in SuccessFactors

  • Delete existing entities in SuccessFactors

  • Query data in SuccessFactors

  • Automatically decide whether to create or update entities in SuccessFactors


In order to be able to use the Snaps within the Snap Pack, the connection details to your SuccessFactors tenant needs to be configured. This can be achieved by configuring the account snap.

Supported Version

This Snap Pack is tested against Q3 2019 release.

Related Information

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